The Ontong Java Development Company Limited (OJDC Ltd), is a company originated from Luangiua village, Ontong Java Atoll.
The establishment  of the company is a family oriented initiative with a common goal of working togther in developing the islands and the standard of living of communities of Ontong Java and ensuring 'SUCCESS' for many years to come. This new paradigm shift was based on his strong belief in working closely with his community and empowering them in the process.


The main goal of the company is to design a mechanism that will utilize the abundance of Sea Cucumbers, sea worm, sea moss/Irish sea moss from the seas of Ontong Java atoll and exporting them to the world market. In fact, the company did some trials on beach de mer farming on the islands and is working with the government to advance this program further into a pilot project. This farming project has a huge potential that could elevate the living standards of all the communities on Ontong Java, with huge financial returns  that could assist the local communities in dealing with climate change issues. 


Currently, the company also has its own Aviculture in Honiara and is investing into wildlife captives breeding with Birds of preys, Eclectus Parrots, Cockatoos, and hawk. 

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